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Thread: Somastim - pharma grade GH for fraction of pharmacy cost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger View Post
    Too much..... let me just post bloods after we will see. I'm just not going to take those 2 vials of somastim as I don't feel safe taking them.
    I hear ya brother but the only way you can prove that you paid for full mulitple kit but got 2 bad vials is to prove by bloods and I WILL STAND NEXT TO YOU FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, but its my last worries b/c I've personally delt with scrioxx on a personal level and I wouldn't say what I said if I felt he was scamming. Yes, I've paid out of my own pocket for sciroxx gear/HGH/IGF-1....and that is how I know that I am getting what I paid for and not getting sent better stuff because I am a MOD when I have spare time like tonight lol. sorry @D-RED for my lack of involvement
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    NP boss, first I deeply appreciate the honest feedback and the trust in Sciroxx.

    I may be wrong but I don't think that the customer complained or implied anyone should replace any vial, he hasn't talked to me on this anyhow, he's just curious and learning.

    The Somastim is produced according the strictest USP standards, so there can be no flaw in a vial, so there can't be of course 13 fine vials and 2 which are
    The appearance of the powder as you reported on your thread and here may somewhat mislead after the long journey across oceans. When the GH is leaving the lab it's stuck tight at the bottom as it was sucked in there by a lyophilization process, the shaking may break this form, just as you've seen, and changes in temperature may cause the mannitol which is a delicate sugar stabilizer to change a bit in appearance , very normal. , but the Somastim in a powder form is very stable, so the customer may use it successfully, I explained it clearly.

    I always encourage any customer to raise issue and ask any question so we'll all learn
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    Get here Somastim and Somedin (proven pharma quality western made GH and IGF1)

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    Actually i was hoping to have those 2 vials replaced now that you mention it.

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