Tried posting some good pics in this thread and my other one but tinypics (which Is the only way I know to post pics ) has been saying something to effect of pic removed or deleted. If anyone has a similar site lmk.
Anyway the TEST ONLY cycle was fknig great. Hit an EASY paused 335x3 monday and sure I can hit 345x3 paused now so may hit 380x1 this coming week. Sunday I plan on pulling a light single, some high rep oly squats and resting another week(lower body) and pulling 700 week after.The gear will still be in system and I usually don't lose strength after a cycle much if anything not till after the clomid run, though picking up mk677 which will add 10lbs as it has verytime I used it though most the weight comes off after a few weeks I seem to keep from going catabolic. Last pct I did I think I actually gained weight and ended up losing only bench strength lol...
So YES DUTCH PHARMA TEST IS GTG!!! great website and line carrying everything I really need and great prices. I really think it's quality gear.
Sacle is broke but I eneded up with about a ten lb gain bulking like crazy along with lifting pl style so If I was doing a bbing phase I'm betting I'd have inc mass more!!! My diet was kinda shit b4 cycle but I ramped it up hard and now I get dizzy if I don't eat every 3 hours and I'm starving all the time.