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  1. Home brew

    Which is easier to brew test cup or test est?
  2. Why testosterone so elevated?

    I'm in my 6th week of test 300
    Eq 300. Got blood levels drawn
    Test is 2300. What have I done wrong?
  3. Liver protection

    [QUOTE=bigadam73;45090]I like to use NAC year round. Round 500-1000 mgs

    During cycle I like to use NAC combined with tudca: 500 mgs daily.

    With labs my liver values always stay within normal.

    Sometimes I'll get creative and throw in some ultimate milk thistle and beet powder/juice. Just depends on what I'm running at the time.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE]

    This is the exact combo i use!!
  4. VPN Providerís No-Logging Claims Tested in FBI Case.

  5. VPN providers with extra layers of privacy.

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